Coqui Coqui Residence

Coqui Coqui Residence & Spa, Merida

Mexico is full of so many different experiences, and staying at the Coqui Coqui Residence (L’Epicerie) in Merida has several all rolled in to one. The Coqui Coqui Lifestyle brand includes accommodation, spas, perfumes, oils, candles and more and at the Merida Residence & Spa it is all there to experience.

When we first enter the Coqui Coqui townhouse the scent is the first thing than strikes you. On this day it was orange blossom and we instantly felt relaxed and refreshed after a turbulent flight from Mexico City. What is unqiue about this accommodation is that you have to walk through the elegant perfumerie before reaching the check-in desk. It sets the scene for what you know will be something quite special.

On the first floor is the accommodation which, to me, was like walking into my perfect world. Two luxuriously styled rooms which, despite the opulence, felt as comfortable as being home. The rooms are richly decorated in antique furniture and heavy velvet curtains. The main bedroom has a king size, wrought-iron, four poster bed. But I can’t take my eyes off the two, French claw-foot bath tubs sitting next to each other. I love a bath, and two is just my idea of decadence. Of course, you can’t have a bath without Coqui Coqui bath products and candles to burn and luckily a large gift box is provided and enjoyed throughout our stay.

If that isn’t enough pampering then there is your own, private plunge pool to the rear and spa on the upper level. After a week of travelling I was ready for a little rejuvenation and their signignature facial, “Under the Yucatan Sun’ was just the answer. Coqui Coqui products are all about connecting with nature. Their facials use the direct approach with fresh ingredients such as honey, cucumber, avocado and yogurt leaving my skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

What I probably have failed to mention is that there is only that there is only one suite. You are the only guests, When the staff go home to the evening you have the whole place, including the shop, to yourself. As a child you dream of being locked in a candy shop, this is my adult equivalent.